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It’s not always easy to find reviews for online auction software in Australia and New Zealand. More importantly, the right online auction software company with a track record in helping auctioneers connect with bidders online. Fortunately, there is one auction software company that stands out as the preferred premium online auction software and service provider.

Webtron provides live webcast auctions (simulcast auctions) and timed online auctions for auctioneers to conduct online auctions from their own website. All in one auction platform.

Webtron has gained a market-leading reputation over the last 15 years for helping Auctioneers make the successful transition to online auctions. Auctioneers once transitioned have an impressive suite of auction software at their disposal.

Webtron has helped many well-known auction companies become the successes online we know them as today. Webtron clients have run thousands of online auctions over the last decade.

A large part of this success seems to come down to the Webtron Melbourne, an Australian-based auction support centre. This is where Webtron monitor and support each and every client’s auction. So you will always have support for every auction you run.

Why Webtron online auction software?

Webtron Online Auction cloud-based auction software can enable your company to conduct live internet auctions all from one platform.

Webtron are the visionaries in the online auction software market. As documented when they helped Melbourne Auctioneer Harrington Earl sell Australia’s first house online. The house was sold via a live webcast auction in Brunswick way back- amazingly in 2007.

From what we’ve seen, once introduced, auction houses never seem to turn back, such is the success Webtron’s online software brings auction businesses.

The difference is that Webtron’s software has been specifically designed for auctioneers.

The Webtron online auction software platform is tailored to your own business. It utilises cutting-edge technology within the internet space. The software is branded to your firm and runs from your own website.

Webtron’s online auction software is used daily across Australasia. It is widely used in the following auction verticals automotive auctions, heavy equipment auctions, clearing sales, general auctions, antique and collectable auctions, livestock, business liquidations, and many more.

The feedback from the auctioneers highlight the following benefits below

Webtron Auction Software Benefits

  • Modern and bidder friendly dashboard
  • White label branding and colours
  • Simple to set up and manage. Auctions could be running within hours
  • Latest online auction technology
  • Onsite auction support services such as remote clerking
  • Bidders can bid on all devices including mobile phones and iPads
  • Bids, video and audio in real time
  • Mobile Photo cataloguing
  • Built in invoicing
  • High level of trust
  • Local Australian support centre – Webtron will ensure everything is set up and runs smoothly
  • Local Australian Marketing assistance – for website, social and email marketing
  • Over 15 years experience helping independent auctioneers be successful online

The New Webtron 7.0 Auction Software is here

There has never been a better time to upgrade your online auction with Webtron’s 7.0 newest updates released. Take advantage of white label, Online Auction Software that can run auctions from your own website.

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